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Road Biking

The regular SSOTHG organized road bike rides have ended for the season. We look forward to seeing you out there next summer.

See you on the road!

OTHG Bicycling

Steamboat Springs Over the Hill Gang has many dedicated cyclists of all ages and skill levels.  Most of our riders are familiar with the area and routes and are happy to include new riders of similar skill and experience in their rides.  SSOTHG is not a business nor a guide service and all rides should be considered leaderless group rides.  We do not offer sag or maintenance services.  All riders are expected to be aware of their personal abilities and limitations as well as carry the necessary tools and spares in the event of a tire or mechanical problem.  Our goal is to make it easier for cyclists to find and ride with each other.  Towards that end, we include on our calendar a "meet up" time at River Creek Park during the summer riding season for cyclists to gather, plan rides and depart on new adventures.  The opportunity for you to meet and ride with other cyclists of your ability level is greater if everyone converges at a common time and place although there are no guarantees.  The BEST way to find other cyclists is to attend OTHG social functions, meet people, exchange information and arrange to meet up with them.

We will frequently divide into two or more groups.  

The "fast" group consists of cyclists are riders who consistently cycle 3 to 5 times a week on routes of 30 - 60 miles, at a brisk (not race) pace, throughout our 6-7 month season.  Most of these riders average 2,000 - 3,500 miles per season and maintain a consistently high fitness level.  The riders do stop and regroup about every 10 miles.  This is not a group for a casual or unconditioned rider.  Many of these rides include long uphill grades and fast descents.  The group does not usually ride as a peloton or paceline.  Its riders are frequently spread out over a mile or so and are together only when they stop to regroup.

The "mellow" or social ride group includes our senior members of dedicated, consistent cyclists as well as those who are less consistent in their cycling activities.  E-bikes are becoming more prevalent in this group.  Mellow routes are frequently 15 - 30 miles with some long climbs (hills are very hard to avoid here), but at a casual, conversational pace.  The riders tend to get spread out, but stop to regroup frequently.  It is not unusual for a subgroup of riders to break off and ride an even easier or shorter route back to the starting point.  

We do not typically have rides that focus on the many community paths and trails in Steamboat.  Some of our riders may ride the trails at off peak times but the foot traffic in town during the busy season can make cycling hazardous for both the pedestrian and cyclist.

NOTE: All rides are weather dependent. If the weather appears or is projected to be doubtful for the ride, OTHG members on the road bike email list noted below will be sent an E-mail canceling that day’s ride by 7 AM on the morning of the ride.

Traveling to a different starting point:

If the bike schedule calls for us to drive to a different parking area, we will caravan (SAG/drive) from River Creek Park (RCP) leaving at 9:30 AM (unless notified otherwise) and drive to the designated parking area where we will leave our vehicles, offload our bikes and begin and end our bike ride. You may want to make arrangements to carpool. (It is also is perfectly acceptable to drive directly to the parking area without first going to RCP for our 9 AM departure if it is more convenient for you, but working out the rendezvous time is your responsibility.)

Signing up: You do NOT have to be 'signed up' to participate in our rides.

Members: Please send an email with your name and email address to if you would like to be added to the Road Bike Cycling email list. (Purpose: you would receive an email if there is a change in the schedule or if there is inclement weather.)

Non-members: Membership applications are available online at if you would like to become a member.

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