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Road Biking

2019 Road Biking 

The 2019 road biking season has now concluded Watch this page for updates on the Spring 2020 start of the biking season!

NOTE: All rides are weather dependent. If the weather appears or is projected to be doubtful for the ride, OTHG members on the road bike email list noted below will be sent an E-mail canceling that day’s ride by 7 AM on the morning of the ride.

Traveling to a different starting point:

If the bike schedule calls for us to drive to a different parking area, we will caravan (SAG/drive) from River Creek Park (RCP) leaving at 9 AM (unless notified otherwise) and drive to the designated parking area where we will leave our vehicles, offload our bikes and begin and end our bike ride. You may want to make arrangements to carpool. (It is also is perfectly acceptable to drive directly to the parking area without first going to RCP for our 9 AM departure if it is more convenient for you, but working out the rendezvous time is your responsibility.)

Signing up: You do NOT have to be 'signed up' to participate in our rides.

Members: Please send an email with your name and email address to bikeslow@ssothg.org if you would like to be added to the Road Bike Cycling email list. (Purpose: you would receive an email if there is a change in the schedule or if there is inclement weather.)

Non-members: Membership applications are available online at http://ssothg.org/membership/ if you would like to become a member.