Who we are: 

We are a group of people who started with a ‘Never-Ever’ lesson and have developed a love of pickleball.  We have a core group of about 12 people. 

Do you want to play?


-You must have taken an ‘Intro to Pickleball’ or ‘Never-Ever’ lesson. 

-You must know how to score.

-You must have played some matches to develop basic skills and strategies.

-You must be at a skill level of 3.25 up to 3.5. 

What you need to bring: (Indoors)

-a racket 

-a pickleball (check with the group to see which style the group is using)

-a visor or cap and/or sunglasses if the bright lights are bothersome

-safety goggles 

- layered clothing



How and Where

When we play:

Permanent Court Time for Winter 2022 (January thru April) 

Because the Center allows each person to reserve only two courts per week, the courts are not listed as OTHG.

Tuesday’s courts 1:30 – 3:00 PM are listed under Cindy Kinnear’s name. 

Thursday’s courts 1:30 – 3:00PM are listed under Debbie Spyker’s name.

How you can participate:

The Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Center requires groups who wish to reserve courts to commit to reserving for a period of three to four months at a time. (And paying for them.) This makes it impossible to allow ‘drop ins.’ Many new people start out as a sub when there are not enough regular players. 

If we have enough new people interested in playing on a regular basis, there would be a possibility of adding a third court. To be a sub, or if you are interested in playing full time or part time, please contact Cindy at pickleball@ssothg.org

To play with this group, you must be scheduled ahead of time. Please do not ‘drop in’ expecting to play.