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Backcountry Ski Touring

For 2022-23, backcountry ski touring will again be organized by Harry Zinn ( with help from Erica Lindemann, who often acts as co-leader or substitute leader. 


If you are new to this, understand that it is backcountry touring on terrain with moderate climbs and moderate downhills. You do not need to be an expert, but it’s helpful to have a little experience with non-resort type skiing and be comfortable skiing  up to 3 miles of moderate up-and-down terrain at a leisurely pace. Because we ski much of the time on unpacked snow, traditional narrow cross-country skis with low, soft boots are difficult to use. Participants use wider cross-country skis with metal edges and stouter boots and bindings, lightweight telemark equipment, or lightweight Alpine Touring (AT) equipment. 


When and where:  This year our first trip is scheduled for Saturday, December 3. We will ski every other weekend on Saturdays. We meet in the Safeway parking lot at 9:20 am, confirm the destination, check equipment, arrange ridesharing, etc., and leave at 9:30 am. Plan to return to the Safeway parking lot between 1:00 and 2:00 pm. On Thursday or Friday before each trip I send out a reminder e-mail. Here is a tentative schedule for the season:






On our backcountry trips, we typically carpool up to Rabbit Ears Pass and park at one of the usual trailheads.  But then we head off on our own instead of sticking to the marked trails.  Over the years, we have found a lot of beautiful routes and destinations, and we enjoy sharing them.

If you are new to backcountry ski touring with the Steamboat Springs Over the Hill Gang, please read the information packet here.

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