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Mountain Biking

The mountain bike season has concluded for the year. Thank you for another successful summer!

Traveling to a different starting point:

Emerald Mountain* will be one of our main sites for mountain biking. 

If the bike schedule calls for us to drive to a different parking area, we will caravan (SAG/drive) from the parking lot behind the rodeo grounds leaving at 9:00 AM (unless notified otherwise) and drive to the designated parking area where we will leave our vehicles, offload our bikes and begin and end our bike ride. You may want to make arrangements to carpool.

The planned route, each week, will be listed on the Over the Hill Gang Activities Calendar. All rides are weather (and trail condition) dependent. If the weather appears or is projected to be doubtful for the ride, or the trails are muddy, OTHG members on the mountain bike email list noted below will be sent an E-mail canceling that day’s ride by 8 AM on the morning of the scheduled ride.

Signing up: You do NOT have to be 'signed up' to participate in our rides.

*Note: E-bikes are not permitted on Emerald Mountain. 

Experience/ability: The mountain bike rides will be geared toward experienced single track bikers at an intermediate level. 

Members: Please send an email with your name and email address to if you would like to be added to the Mountain biking email list. (Purpose: you would receive an email if there is a change in the schedule or if there is inclement weather.)


Non-members: Membership applications are available online, here, if you would like to become a member.

**SSOTHG is not a business nor a guide service and all rides should be considered leaderless group rides.  We do not offer sag or maintenance services.  All riders are expected to be aware of their personal abilities and limitations as well as carry the necessary tools and spares in the event of a tire or mechanical problem.  


If you have any questions, please contact Jon at

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